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15/52 "haywire"

Looks like I'm back to chiseling away at my SEO marketing plan as I've been on a losing streak for the past several years, getting fired from one online job after the next. 

When it wasn't that, it was that the publisher was going under. 

The last straw was when I lost my transcription job this month, probably the best gig I've had in quite some time.

SEO was not one of my pursuits as I ended up not needing it for transcribing or captioning.

But now, as I come back around to writing articles again, I'm also entering a whole new world. 


I'm sharing my SEO marketing plan with you

Facebook, as you know, has done a lot of shitty things and as a result, has done another shitty thing and changed their algorithm, leaving many publishing brands on sinking ships. 

I've known for a bit that this was the case, I just didn't understand at what level. 

And the SEO strategies of 2015 no longer work. 

Basically, I could pretty much consider myself, like many, fucked along with everyone else.

Or, I could chip away at this SEO thing with the single purpose of mastering it. 

As a publisher and a marketer who can't seem to hold down a job, I chose the latter.

But here's what I know so far:

  • Keyword research still matters,
  • Keyword placement matters somewhat,
  • Keyword density, not so much,
  • Original content matters overall. 

Keyword research still matters

If I use a search engine to resolve a keyword, let's say that I start with the keyword: "keyword research", I can grab one of the other long tails that it resolves to like, the first one using Bing was "keyword research tool." 

When I was writing for the Inquisitr, it used to be that I would use something like that keyword phrase throughout my article and then watch the traffic hit. 

As far as establishing certainty goes, that's still the best way to do it. 

If you want even more certainty, you can look for the value of the keyword using Adwords Keyword Planner, but I've gotten so frustrated with my developmental OCD on that thanks to the hits and misses of the results and scraped my initial SEO marketing plans and scrapped it all, just writing the article and not giving a damn. 

And THAT's how I ended up getting fired from Inquisitr!

Keyword placement matters somewhat

I still 'hear' the same thing about where to place keywords such as: the title, the first sentence of the piece, a header, the last sentence of the piece, image tags, the URL for the piece and backlinks.

But I've also read that with the new algorithm, if it doesn't read naturally or you feel you're forcing it somewhat, then don't do it. 

Search engines will know. 

I can't be certain but I think my understanding is that your page might not be indexed at all if you force your keyword, nevermind ranking low on the search results.

Apparently, search engines are still supposed to find you. 

I need to say that I've never really been sure of the keyword placement because when I did it, as I was told to do, I wasn't getting the traffic I thought I would. 

But that was just me quitting before I should have. 

Keyword density, not so much

I agree that this should have been abandoned long ago and really, this was already happening back when I was required to do SEO for someone else. 

Other than the mentioned keyword placement, I'm reading in some cases that the keyword density should be at 1.50 percent. 

And you'd have to feed your text into a keyword density tool to know more or less what that is. 

But, if your keyword phrase is in the mentioned placement because using it otherwise isn't reading naturally enough, how can you guarantee you'll get traffic?

Well, it seems that my SEO marketing plan is a fail if I don't write original content, which is another thing I can't stand, writing someone else's shit.

Original content matters overall

The News

Alright, so my understanding now is that the previous matter about keywords still counts.

I see this matter overall as a series of solid and secure doors that we have to unlock before we get to the place we want to be.

It's no longer just one door anymore or even a flimsy one at that! 

I refer to my experience with news aggregation where I churned out news from other sources. 

Basically, if the news piece was about a dog saving a kid from drowning, I can't write about the same incident in the same way. 

Maybe I focus on another part of the story and then make the saving the kid part a smaller part of it?

Of course, if you're just a news aggregator churning out someone else's stories, then what the hell are you in this business for, to begin with?

And so it makes sense why social networks and search engines are cracking down and why they've been doing it for a long time. 

Of course, it's only when I write the piece that I'll know what the keywords are going to be, which means that I'll be falling back to my balancing act of writing first and researching later, or a combination of both as I go along. 

It seems that right now, publishers are basically on the same path of uncertainty with this thing.

Either way, there is no guarantee of immediate success to my SEO marketing plan than to keep trying different things.

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