I admit that I know absolutely nothing about 3PeaceSweetz but take My Pet Flamingo's word for it when they spun the shit out of this release!

To start, they gave us the heads-up about a live mix that was captured on DAT straight from the board of 3PeaceSweetz's performance in London from October 12, 1992. 

[UPDATED, November 25, 2019: Here's a video that My Pet Flamingo put together that features the live mix, which we've added to our playlist for live music videos!] 

Here's how the label put it on their Bandcamp page for this release. 

Lasers. Lights. Vaporave!

This is the long forgotten sound of 1992.

The aesthetic of the era lives on in so many ways, and so too now does the 'INNERSENSE' vibe - immortalised on cassette, recorded on DAT tape at a rave which it is said took place in London back on October 12th, 1992.

If you breathe in deep enough you can almost smell the vicks vaporub, and inhale the B&H... and you can still hear the Horns.

I'm sold! Unfortunately, you won't find the promo cassettes to this thing as they're sold out. Just to clarify, here's what you get! The first track is the live set and the rest are the studio track versions from that set!

"Loony Choon" is definitely one of our favorites as it captures the vaporave sounds of the day!

Get your copy of this now!

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