'A Dark Day Afternoon' with Timothy Dark

Timothy Dark's long-awaited EP is a shock to the senses and preconceived notions about what I was expecting. In fact, I'm not even sure what I was expecting until I set those expectations with repeated listens of Dark's new single, 'She Put A Spell On Me'. 

If you have an account with Amazon, be sure to get his latest single from them to help support our blog. 

Last year, Timothy Dark threw himself into the ring with his, 'Last Days of Dark' EP which had plenty to say about the end of days via the White House. The statement needs to be made and if you're willing to throw down as well, have a look at another section on the Zoe Dune Network, a digital war cry against right wing and extremism. 

Check out this intensive video for his 'Unpatriotic' single from last year's EP.

His video for 'The Future' is a little harder to watch but it's Timothy Dark at his best.

Lock-in to this post for more updates on Timothy Dark as we accumulate more details!

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