Basement Revolver Makes Us Yearn Over

 Hamilton, Ontario's Basement Revolver follows their 2018 release Heavy Eyes with the title-track "Wax & Digital" off of their new EP. 

Basement Revolver is one of our favorite bands to rise up in recent years, always passionate and emotionally moving.

"Wax & Digital" certainly pull some triggers especially as they try their hand at that tried and true shoe/dream gaze sound.

The song title reveals a lot about their love for music.

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Basement Revolver frontwoman Chrisy Hurn even says that:

“Wax and Digital” is about me and my husband, the music that we love together, and how that music has shaped our relationship. In a broader sense, it is about how culture informs our lives - even though culture changes rapidly and is temporary, we will always have certain things to hold on to, like music, to look back on and feel sentimental about."

Yes, these things we realize (most of us at least) that the culture changes rapidly but we hold onto music that informs our lives. 

Basement Revolver, again, hits our nostalgic g-spot with their new single. 

She further commits by engaging us with the same sentiment:

"I hope that people take away a sense of nostalgia within their own lives, from the things that have helped them to fall in love, or that people think about the things that they have lost, but with thankfulness. Life is a crazy mess, but it’s beautiful and confusing and poetic, may we never forget the things that help us to make some sense of it."

And they go for it again invoking the feel of our foggy music memories with the look of their new video for the track. 

By the way, this video has been added to our music video playlist so, go there and set to shuffle to enjoy other great videos!

Basement Revolver: Official Site | Auteur Research | Soundcloud | Spotify | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

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