Dead Soft, 'Big Blue' (VIDEO)

Dead Soft, 'Big Blue' (VIDEO)

Dead Soft brings us to a dead stop with every release. 

Thus far they've been singles and EPs.

We were sold when they covered Elliot Smith's "Satellite".

Now we have the neverending satisfaction of their album debut 'Big Blue'.

I mean, this thing explodes with their opening track "I Believe You" which confidently surrounds you with lush guitar sonics that you never want to end.

But then, by their second track, they did something every band should do and do well if they want to bring us to our knees, they pulled a Ken Andrews.

If that isn't enough, they also pulled a Pavement with their single "Step Out".

BTW, we can't throw around stuff like Elliot Smith, Ken Andrews via Failure and Pavement without adding some Matt Sharp-era Weezer which you get from Dead Soft's fourth track "Porch".

But as much as we want to, we can't get lost in the nostalgia and it seems that they don't either.

Being that all of our triggers had been evenly pulled, the tracks that follow "The Static" and "Whatever I Want" made 'Big Blue' glow with the warmth of a handmade tube amp. 


One of the best tracks on the album is "Tulips" where they rock out one of those melodies that embeds itself into your subconscious. 

Here's the video for "Step Out" which has been added to our music video playlist!

Dead Soft: Official Site | Arts & Crafts Records | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | BandcampSpotify

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