"The Apparition" | DH#227

Finally found the time to catch up on some of the feeds I'm subscribed to such as the Different Head radio show which features some hard-to-find tracks. I couldn't help but create this page as I tried to locate these tracks. It only makes sense to publish and then share it with you. Skip down to the end of this page where you'll find the entire episode to stream.

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0:00:00—"Deception" by Secret Hate (1981)

What a pleasant surprise it was when host Tyler Sorensen mentioned that this is on the Hell Comes To Your House compilation! 

I've heard about this legendary compilation as far back as the '90s. At the time, I was really (and still am) into The Christian Death and this comp featured "Dogs"

Even though I had heard a lot about this various artist release and some of the bands on it made it big, I had never heard it before. Now, I've got to pull the trigger on getting a copy!

0:01:36—"Security Idiots" by Psychotic Tanks (1980)


0:03:42—"Froh" by Clair Obscur (1982)

0:09:02—"Além Das Dunas" by Kafka (1987)

0:12:57—"Drown" by Silent Scream (1981)

0:17:06—"Sirena" by Las Ánimas Del Cuarto Oscuro (1988)


0:21:00—"I Znowu Ktoś Przestawił Kamienie" by Variété (1985)

0:28:07—"The Collector" by Fools Dance (1987)

0:31:47—"All the Faceless People" by The Gentry (1984)

0:35:26—"Halfway" by The Gentry (1987)

0:38:08—"Things Fall Apart" by The Gentry (1986)

0:47:19—"Assassin" by K.U.K.L. (1984)

0:50:30—"Giving Ground" by The Sisterhood (1986)

0:54:56—"The Apparition" by Theatre of Ice (1984)


0:56:38—"Anonymity" by Dance Chapter (1980)

1:0511—"The Fatal Day" by In Camera (1982)

Tyler's show has been added here for convenience however, be sure to check it out live every week on Twitch, his Mixcloud, and/or on his site. 

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