Eli Raybon's 'Unsymmetrical' Will Get You Excited About Music Again [VIDEO]

When I think about the comics I've illustrated, the stories and the songs I've written, and even the girls I dated; I wonder how the Hell I pulled it off. Then I see Eli Raybon's fearless imaginative energy set to music and know it was my unrestrained youth that made all of that possible.

Into the void we go with Eli Raybon's latest track "Unsymmetrical," a bold step into the right direction; only Eli knows for sure, but he doesn't have to.

Raybon caught music lovers off guard with his debut release last year called The Machine & My Dilemma, where he sounded decades older than he really is, 19 or 20-years-old now?

As far as we know, he learned it all by himself, taking a chance and locking himself away spending hours obsessing over his guitar.

Much like his decision to move to L.A., Eli Raybon is spontaneous in his songwriting, full of little surprises fusing soul, rhythm and blues and punk.

Just listen to the track "Strange State of Mind" off of his debut and you'll hear what I mean. 

Like many, I'm no fan of uncertainty. But Raybon seems to feed off of that with how he does things. He's got big dreams and a skilled sense of delivery that's disarming. Much like the video for his new single at the end of this review, you're not sure what to expect when he comes out with his geometrical aesthetically printed coat and neon green bandana.  With the buzz of the amp, you don't know if he's going to go all Chuck Berry on your ass like Marty McFly or battle 8-bit pixelized ninjas.

Both are pretty fucking exciting!

Eli moves pretty damn fast. His official site says that at the age of 16, he started playing the guitar and soon after, he was already into producing and recording music. It's perhaps because it runs in the family, as his dad's cousin is Marty Raybon of Shenandoah.

We're talking about a band that comes from the legendary origins of Muscle Shoals, Alabama, son!

Stream/download 'Unsymmetrical' from Amazon by clicking on the image below.

Those with Amazon Unlimited access can stream 'Unsymmetrical' and other Eli Raybon tracks for free!

Eli Raybon reminds me of those periods in my life that were spent at the record stores, getting Thurston Moore's Psychic Hearts or when the B-Boys' Grand Royal Records introduced me to Ben Lee.

Those periods in my musical experience changed my ear about what one person could do with a guitar and get beyond the typical three-chord progression.

Raybon's look in the video below might as well his motivator because like Thurston Moore (who's fallen from grace since he dumped rock goddess Kim Gordon) and Ben Lee, Eli is my indie-rock hero.

Now for something even more exciting!? Generally, a single precedes an album and with "Unsymmetrical" there is no exception because, in April, Eli Raybon is going to force the music world to take notice once again with his new album, Green.

In the meantime, get your eyeholes pleasured with this fun-ass video for "Unsymmetrical."

Eli Raybon: Amazon | Bandcamp | SpotifyOfficial Site | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

[Featured Image by Maggie Kidd/Facebook]

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