Emi Jeen Wants To Be "West Of The Blue"

Emi Jeen Wants To Be

Emi Jeen releases the second single "West Of The Blue" to her upcoming and yet to be titled LP, a track about being lost in the bliss. 

Emi says that "West Of The Blue" paints a picture of a mythical paradise, about finding that perfectly written postcard that never made it to its destination. 

The Montreal-based singer-songwriter seems to leave what the track is about to the interpretation of the listener. 

In describing the track, however, she reveals a bit about the feelings she's trying to convey as a result of her travels through Asia for Ubisoft's Just Dance 4 circa 2012.

"I fell in love traveling in a new country, but under the circumstances, I never knew if it was just a summer fling or something real. Sometimes I wish I could go back there to figure it all out." 

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While "West Of The Blue" might be open to interpretation, Emi Jeen seems to be wanting to wander off alone and yet, she still doesn't want to be the only one. 

She's still looking for that other person out there. 

Maybe someone to share the experience with?

Musically, Emi Jeen prefers to dwell among a more pop-oriented format in most of her music which helps her cut to the chase of expression and accessibility. 

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