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This is Zoe Dune broadcasting from the city of hate, bringing you the greatest sounds from the indieground, the independent music engine for Zoe Dune dot com.

And now, let's get some music in you here on incendiaryAmerican.

1. "To The Woods" - LIA


2. "Jaded" - Les Loups (Featuring Brock)


3. "Caught Up" - NOA


4. "Funny Feelings" - FRANKIIE


We started our show with LIA's "To The Woods" track off of her 'Vasilia' album.

LIA says of the song: “To The Woods,” represents these starkly different states of mind. The woods represents the self. In a depressive state, the self can be haunting, dark, masochistic, devouring. On the flip side, the self nurtures and protects. “To The Woods,” represents these starkly different states of mind.

The imagery is huge in this song. I’ve dreamt of bathing in my own blood…

Bathe me in the blood from when you scathed my skin, dripped it down, dried in winds silent sound. I felt wounded and silenced. I didn't know how to express the feelings I had. I didn't know how to interact with others, listen to them, be in the present. I morphed into a shell of who I was, drained of what’s inside.

I wanted the video for “To The Woods” to portray how we can feel as though we are at the mercy of our minds. I visualized dancers manipulating me as the mind manipulates the self. The choreography and camera movements evolve over the course of the video to show the softness of a healthy mind. My eyes open at the very end as I recapture my power.

This is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve written.

I hope that it touches those struggling to escape the fog.

Following that, we heard "Jaded" featuring Brock. A remix of that single by Moullinex is also out so be sure to look for that!

We also heard the track "Caught Up" by NOA.

She says: "When I start to fall for someone, I often get very “Caught Up” in my head.
Overthinking becomes second nature, and it always seems to take me out of the present moment when I’m with that person – I hate it.

We all have days where we spend more time in our heads than here on earth. I’ve learnt that by getting “Caught Up” in my head, I end up missing out on so many good things.

“Caught Up,” is a personal anthem/reminder to stay in the moment and practice mindfulness. I want to focus on how amazingly beautiful, vulnerable, and scary all of the feelings that come with falling in love can be.

I hope this song reminds you to live in the now and to embrace everything beautiful and new that’s happening around you!"

We ended that block with "Funny Feelings" by FRANKIIE, which is spelled with two I's from their 'Forget Your Head' album.

We've featured the track "Dream Reader" off of that album on Episode 36 so check out that episode for that and other great indie tracks!

BTW, when this gets podcasted, you can get this episode and others everywhere you get your podcasts from.

This is Nutrients with "Such Slime" here on incendiaryAmerican.

5. "Such Slime" - Nutrients


6. "No Control" - Wildlife


7. "Mother" - Sex Machine Octopus


8. "Fine." - The Honest Heart Collective


Christmas is coming and what better way to get ready for it than with some indie Christmas music!?

How about rockabilly, shoegaze, goth, ambient, synthwave Christmas tune

Be sure to tune in to zoeduneradio.com on the 22nd at 11 AM for a special Christmas edition of incendiaryAmerican!

This is "Love Like Mine" by Dylan Perkons and you're listening to incendiaryAmerican.

9. "Love Like Mine" - Dylan Perkons


10. "Symbol Of Love" - Loviet


11. "Angels" - Evelyn


12. "Blackout" - Sam Weber


That was "Blackout" by Sam Weber off of his Everything Comes True album. I love the way he holds the bassline until the end, it just makes the song pop really well. Love it.

Before that, we heard "Angels" by Evelyn off of her wonderfully brilliant Salvation album.

Before our Christmasy commercial break, we started our music block with "Such Slime" by Nutrients off of their self-titled album.

Following that we heard "No Control" by Wildlife (or as Amazon puts it, The Wildlife) off of the album 'Take The Light With You'.

After that, we heard "Mother" by Sex Machine Octopus off of their 'Plastic Scenes Extended' album.

That is actually the first single off of that album which they say "is at its core a softer song that is meant to warm the heart. The track was written when we were quite young, based on our frontman Laurent Boland’s relationship with his own mother.

is about the complicated relationship between two parents, seen through the eyes of an eight-year-old child. Laurent used to spend hours staring at the walls and the trees from his window as a kid, thinking they were monsters, which ultimately inspired the song’s hook.

It grew through different interpretations into its current form. On our final day in the studio, our recording director, Nicolas Roberge, pulled out a vocoder and transformed it.

Plastic Scenes has been a long time in the making, so you get to see both sides of the band: punchy and groovy alternative rock, as well as soulful indie-folk. Each song describes a different mood and a different place in space and time, just like scenes in a movie would."

So, be sure to check those guys out.

By the way, if you want to support both the band and this podcast, go to zoedune.com/incendiaryAMCN where you can get that album and others from the artists featured in this episode through our affiliate links.

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After that, we heard "Fine" by The Honest Heart Collective.

Following that, we heard "Love Like Mine" by Dylan Perkons off of his album 'The Healing Day' and leading us into the rest of our set, we heard "Symbol Of Love" by Loviet.

A lot of these artists mentioned here also have their releases available in vinyl. Vinyl is a big deal again these days, especially when it comes to getting some cred in this industry, vinyl makes you stand out.

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Good Luck out there!

Coming up we're going to hear "The Ghost" by Trevor Something, the single off of his 'Deep Wave Data Dark Web Daemons'.

Before that, we're going to hear 'Fight No More' by Veronica Racanelli otherwise known as Bedhead.

Veronica says of the single: "Some days it can be hard to get out of bed, but you do it anyway. BEDHEAD is the idea of carrying around the weight of what’s on your mind."

She says: "I started writing “FIGHT NO MORE” a couple of summers ago during a really low point in my life; I found myself feeling incredibly overwhelmed and frustrated with my depression. I had been stuck in this headspace that felt like it would never end, even after years of treatment. Suddenly, something just snapped. Enough was enough. I said “fuck this,” and “FIGHT NO MORE” was born.

I recorded “FIGHT NO MORE” with Feurd Moore of The Elwins; he really provided the driving force that my original demo lacked. The collaboration was very seamless, and I felt that he immediately got what I was trying to do with the arrangement. Later on, producer Derek Hoffman was brought in to breathe that extra bit of life into it. Recording with both of them was a dream.

This song is about the sudden realization that you are ready to leave some part of your old life behind; whether it be a toxic relationship with someone else, or with your own self. It’s the frustration and triumph, the pain and the conviction to overcome it."

I don't need to tell you how bad of a year this has been where great talent such as this have had to slam the brakes on their releases and shows. I can't imagine who much of an impact it must have made on Veronica. At the time that single was released, it was pre-pandemic and she was in the process of preparing an EP. I really love that song and when you hear how powerful it is, you'll look forward to hearing more of her work. Really looking forward to that EP as well. Stay strong, Veronica!

Also, make sure to look for the music video to her track which we've added to our playlist on YouTube.

Before that we're going to hear "You Are Bad" by Laura Reznek and then before that, we're going to hear the sexy retro "Need A Little More" by Most People off of their album, 'Call Me Up'

But right now, we've got "High Functioning" by Grizzly Coast here on incendiaryAmerican.

13. "High-functioning" - Grizzly Coast


14. "Need A Little More" - Most People


15. "You Are Bad" - Laura Reznek


16. "Fight No More" - BEDHEAD


17."The Ghost" - Trevor Something


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18. "Tried Too Hard" - The High Loves


19. "Familiar Ways" - Mute Choir


You're listening to incendiaryAmerican.

20. "Hate That I Love You" - New West


21. "Need To Know" - Pablo Paddy


We just heard "Need To Know: by Pablo Paddy. Before that, we heard "Hate That I Love You" by New West. Before that, we heard "Familiar Ways" by Mute Choir off of their 'Silent Conversations' album.

We started that block with "Tried Too Hard" by The High Loves who are from Toronto.

They say "How can one simultaneously be modern, and yet nostalgic? To draw from yesterday, and still be as fresh as tomorrow's news? As a band, these are the questions we ask ourselves constantly.

Our lead singer/guitarist, Noah, wrote this new song after getting out of a three-year long relationship. It's about getting back out into the world of dating, and coming to the subconscious realization that you’re only trying to recreate a version of your past relationship with new people. Of course, it never works out. Everyone is different; to really get to know someone, you have to embrace what makes them special.

Oftentimes, we’re too hard on ourselves. Take time to slow down, relax, and let life flow."

I've mentioned earlier that one of the artists in this episode has a music video for one of their tracks. In fact, many of these tracks have music videos and if you want to see them, you can do so by searching incendiaryAmerican on YouTube and go to our music video playlist.

As of this airing, we've accumulated over 3,500 music videos and continue to add more. Not only do we have indie artists but some of our favorite mainstream videos too. So, go check that out and set to shuffle for a better viewing experience!

Coming up we have Birdriot with "Wanna Go".

Before that, we're going to hear "Midnight Hours'' by Cayley Thomas off of her 'How Else Can I Tell You' EP but before that, we're going to hear "Intertwined" by Frank Mighty's Hotline.

The song was produced by Jordan Shrew. As it was their first time working together, they got to know each other as friends and professionals during the process, spending many late nights having long chats about the song’s meaning.

John Traboulsi of Frank Mighty's Hotline says:

"“Intertwined,” my debut single as Frank Mighty’s Hotline, was inspired by a conversation I overheard on the subway – two people discussing sex, money, and life, not caring what anyone around them thought.

They were being themselves and it inspired me – these people talking about these taboo subjects so freely. Why shouldn’t everybody do the same? This led me to an overall feeling of following your instincts, doing what you love."

As the first Frank Mighty’s Hotline release, “Intertwined” represents the project’s baseline and the groundwork of its sound.

John says:

"I hope that for you, the track encourages self-reflection. Especially in songwriting, you should be yourself, writing about what inspires and challenges you. Don’t write for other people, or else you’ll never really like what you have created."

John has released more singles since this year-ago debut but we're featuring it here as is the process before we put it in rotation on zoeduneradio and we're happy to have it.

This is HOFFEY with "Holiday" here on incendiaryAmerican.

22. "Holiday" - HOFFEY


Station ID - Frank Mighty's Hotline

23. "Intertwined" - Frank Mighty's Hotline


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24. "Midnight Hours" - Cayley Thomas


25. "Wanna Go" - Birdriot


We've come to the end of another indie music laden episode of the incendiaryAmerican.

I'd like to thank Auteur Research, and Working Brilliantly for the sounds. Be sure to support these artists and get their music.

We come to a great Swedish pop artist AnnelieElina with a track off of her 'Purity' EP which was produced by Mike Pappas who has worked with other artists such as DNCE, Meghan Trainor, and Christina Aguilera.

'Purity' is 6 beautifully mature and gripping pop. Annelie's music is vibrant and mature beyond her years and one of the best listens in recent memory.

This is AnnelieElina with "Veins" on incendiaryAmerican.

26. "Veins" - AnnelieElina



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