Feather Weight Worry Us With "Something Else" Single

Feather Weight has only been around for a year and has already stepped-it-up three singles into their early music career. 

This June they dropped their track "Something Else" upon unsuspecting ears, an odd-sounding mashup of a track that sounds like a steelpan sample on a loop with a deconstructed kind of beat over it, and dream gaze vocals shrouding the entire thing.

The track is unlike what they released before with their "Just Take A Pill" and "Volcano" tracks. "Something Else" is exactly that, for sure!

And this is exactly the point it seems when they say that they have two sides, the side they reveal and the side that they don't. 

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Feather Weight's "Something Else" Video Sums Up All The Feels!

Yeah, that's right!

While we're not too keen on the use of footage like this used in music videos, it's matched to the music well enough and perhaps even manipulated enough to make it a unique video. 

It also captures the feels we have when listening to this track so, good job boys!

In their own words: 

"This music video uses some old clips from the 60s (because why not?) in a dissociative way to try to showcase the overall message of intertwining our front with our truth, all while remaining somewhat opaque."

The band wasn't specific about it when they said that there are definitely some elements of the song that deal with mental health and how that can affect positively or negatively one's world view.

We're not too concerned about Feather Weight's mental health though cause it's still pretty danceable. 

Feather Weight: Auteur Research | Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Spotify | Facebook | Instagram

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