HEATWAVE, 'Echoes of a New Dawn'

HEATWAVE, 'Echoes of a New Dawn'

We've got to have our synthwave, HEATWAVE's latest release made that very clear when it dropped today!

Markus Spillner A.K.A. Rick Turner reminds us about what makes this genre of music so great.

Let's not waste any time with this one and get right into it.

In "Secret Protector", it sounds as if the A.I. is trying to communicate with us as it lures us in with a danceable corporate server room ambience. 

We wouldn't be able to resist, that's for sure!

"Orbit" does exactly that around our aural sense with its simple slow and dark beat. 

At this point it's already quite clear that with us being locked in orbit so early in this release that we're meant to be in each other's trajectory.

'Echoes of a New Dawn' pads itself within a template where it can drift for a bit between 8-bit video game and retro-grindhouse score which is necessary.

Heatwave Rick is definitely reaching through the vastness of the space he's created here!

We know how serious he is about it with another favorite of ours, "Drifter"!

If you want to support HEATWAVE and our blog at the same time, click on the image below to get his new album and/or sign up for Amazon Prime Music for a free 30-day trial!


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