JayWood Has Us Seeing "Moon Cats" (VIDEO)

JayWood Has Us Seeing

Jeremy Haywood Smith aka JayWood returns with new single "Moon Cats", the third off of his debut full-length album 'Time'.

It's taken JayWood two-years to build-up to his debut release, we only started getting a preview of what it would sound like in August of last year with "Another Life". 

Following that, it would be until October before he released his second single for "Club 3D X".

Naturally, JayWood's sound has changed since his first release in 2015, but he still lingers around the feel-good, dream-pop, psychedelic-funk that have kept him grounded. 

"Moon Cats" is a lovely track that traps that sun-soaked memory of a moment you don't want to let go but like trapping a firefly in a jar, it doesn't last.

Certainly, you can play the track again but how many times have you played Washed Out's "Feel It All Around" or "Still Sound" by Toro y Moi only to learn that you can only recollect them appropriately when they're playing.

There's something about the style and the sound of the instrumentation that's forgettably dreamlike.  

Stream "Moon Cats" for free with Music Unlimited or click on the image below to get the single!


Even JayWood realized this after spending a lot of time drafting lyrics and then realized that the instrumentation said more than words could.

Just listen as he circles around with the guitar and percussion before dropping in the layers of bass and vocals and how the track makes a slight turn between each line of verse, it just sends chills through my spine.

Hell, I'll even admit to being a little emotionally moved by it too!

Sing along now!

"Breath out, it's only for a moment, Free and loud, go on with the movement, (x2)

Look to desire, till your eyes can see then give it a second glance, you're waiting now on me." (x3)

The "Moon Cats" music video has been added to our YouTube playlist! Set to shuffle to see more great music videos!

JayWood: Manitoba Music | Auteur Research | Bandcamp | Spotify | Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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