Jesse Merineau Has Heart-Shaped Pupils in "She Knows" Single

Jesse Merineau fell head over heels over a girl.

Was he running so fast that he literally ran into her when turning a corner blind?

More like figuratively when he thought about her.

But he remembers that it all happened when he was young and stupid. 

Maybe there's some regret there?

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Jesse Merineau Radiates Swagger and Confidence with His Crush!

As you can tell, "She Knows" is upbeat and high-praise for the girl he fell for. 

He says that the band had a lot of energy when they went in to record this in the studio. 

"We all had a blast in the studio recording this one, running on espresso and adrenaline. It was magical, filled with moments that I’ll cherish forever."

There's a little bit of rockabilly here and a lot of pop!

Just for good measure, Jesse also gives up some good advice!

"She Knows" is about good times and good vibes. If you see a beautiful person, don't be afraid to say what's up!"

A real confidence booster for sure!

Step it up, people!

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