KYLO Finds "Solace" For New Single (VIDEO)

KYLO Finds "Solace" For New Single (VIDEO)

KYŁO returns armed and ready with her wonderfully dark synthpop track "Solace", the first single off of her new 'Exit' EP.

KYŁO first carved out her own place in the synthpop scene with 2016's 'PHASES' EP, establishing her sound right then and there, taking no prisoners with her "Wait" and "FATAL" singles and she does it again with "Solace".

Just listen to how gently she brings us to bow before her with those opening synths. 

Before we know what's going on, we've submitted completely. 

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KYŁO says that:

"’s very important to have that person who makes it all feel better when everything is going wrong. “Solace” is about just that- when everything else sort of just fades away and you’re solely present in that moment." 


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