Lenny Bull Doesn't Want To Be Bothered About It!

Lenny Bull just popped out the first single to come off of "Sharp Teeth", the latest album from Ontario's Lenny Bull and it just fell in our goddamn laps!

Yeah, that's right!

Get a good burn off of this one, just like Eleanore does, passionately pushing people away from her who just want to drown her in their trash.

You know... gossip!

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Lenny Bull: "Don't Talk About It" But You Can Still Watch It!

In any case, it's just like Eleanore of Lenny Bull says:

"It’s a day in the life of a very disgruntled, very lazy office employee, who would rather be anywhere else. It pokes fun at what we have to do to make ends meet, in order to do what we love."

Lenny Bull is howling through this one!


And why wouldn't anyone NOT want to talk about it!?

We're telling everyone!

And by the way, it has plenty of cowbell!


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