LISA Is Coasting With Ease On "Fumes"

LISA Is Coasting With Ease On "Fumes"

LISA is self-reflective about this one.

A car without a driver can't know when it's running on Fumes.

LISA's "car" in this case, isn't without a driver though. 

And she's okay with them fumes.

She says that "Fumes" a sigh of exasperation, is realizing your all is not enough, is having the door shut in your face and having to start again, is forcing a smile when all you want to do is cry, is like trying to swim through Jell-O.

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LISA's "Fumes" is Licorice Flavored Bubblegum Pop

Obviously "Fumes" is a little darker than any of the other bubblegum pop you're used to chewing on.

LISA admits that that's the direction she was going in.

In general, she's going in the direction of the pop from the 60's.

But you throw in some 70's era John Lennon in there, more specifically built around the drum sounds.

How many balls can you keep up in the air before you start feeling like a clown? How thin can you spread yourself before you simply disappear? Sometimes your best intentions are the worst things for you. Was it curiosity or generosity that killed the cat? Asking for a friend (the friend is me).

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