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Chris Orrick & The Lasso: Mello Music GroupFacebook | Twitter | Instagram

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Various Artists, "Frozen Ashes"

The first three tracks of the album, following the opener, seem to all have a similar feel or tone to them.

If we were on the highway at night, it would be too late before we learned that we were "In Cold Mud" by Yoshimi

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Luis Mojica, "City Friends" (VIDEO)

Luis Mojica, formerly of Rasputina, throws in another ingredient for How A Stranger Is Made with "City Friends", a track about traumatic changes in the community.


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The Bobby Tenderloin Universe

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The Bobby Tenderloin Universe: Auteur Research | Spotify | F

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Noizz Factor, Close To Midnight

It's all about dancing, right?

If that's what you're looking for then look no further than Close To Midnight by Noizz Factor.

Here's one of our favorite tracks. 

Noizz Factor covers some calmer ground too with tracks

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