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Zoe Dune returns, broadcasting from the city of hate, with sounds from the indieground, new, old, local, and far. In this episode, we go far over to Ireland (not literally, it was all on Zoom) and talked with Sally Ó Dúnlaing of Ódú. She talks

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Metal Disco, 'Sex, Drugs & Hardware'

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The Midnight, 'Monsters'

 [Updated 10.08.20] Since the release of this album, The Midnight have re-released it with additional instrumental tracks! 

Relive this album all over again as the soundtrack to your life!

This album is a

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Like many fans of great music out there, we too have been loving the pop skillfully created by the L.A. duo known as Magdalena Bay. 

Today, we were caught a bit off guard by their new album 'A Little Rhythm and a Wicked Feeling', not because we didn

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There's no stopping Eli Raybon!

This is quite apparent when you hear his single from his Supertoys album, "Saturday Nights In Space".  

Not only is Eli on fire here but he's also on Prozak, meaning Prozac Morris of course!


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