Merival Makes Light Of Her Depression In "No Brakes"

It would be premature to pin Merival with having the symptoms of major depression via her "No Brakes" single. 

In notifying us of her track, she questioned -- as many artists do, the possible downturn in the quality of her songs.

Something she was grappling with while she was writing it.

At the same time, Merival (Anna Horvath) also doesn't buy into the idea that an artist has to be tortured to improve the quality of their music.

Notice how fleeting she is, dedicated to the casual indulgence in the premise of her depression.

I’d like to be myself again 
even if it means going through with you 
and if the old wounds open up 
maybe I could get just a little more blood

It's the equivalent of stepping on a crack over the morbid satisfaction of actually bringing back luck to your mother's back.

"Maybe I wanted to make light of my own brain. I could see the dark humor in spending so much time and energy trying to get healthy, only to turn right around and wish I was still messed up. It’s okay to see that weird stuff in yourself and laugh at it a little."
But almost immediately in the first chorus, she switches back to consider that she shouldn't be so careless. 
maybe I should be a little more careful what I wish for 
maybe I should be a little less careless with my thoughts 

If Horvath were guilty of anything, it would only be for letting herself get caught up in the endless storm of her thoughts, something we all tend to do from time to time.

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Merival Is In Complete Control Of Her Depression

Again, Horvath even admits that she wished she was depressed again in order to stimulate her songwriting. 

But that's the kind of subjective insight that's part of the creative process, right?

At least she's on the outside looking in and with that, she's in complete control.

She even sought a tailor to get fitted for it!

Hey, at least with that, her depression is neutralized! 

Sorry to disappoint Anna. 

Nothing Melancholy about "No Brakes" at all!

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