Mountain Head School Us With "We Stole Your Head" Single

Mountain Head debuts their single appropriately titled, "We Stole Your Head", a kind of lesson about what you take for granted.

I mean let's "face" it (get it?), you do everything with your head!

So, how terrible would it be to lose it?

Pretty terrible in fact, the state you would be in at that point which coincidentally rhymes with head is dead... you would be DEAD!

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Their debut single is a reminder to be present, to connect with life. 

Especially in the era of information overload, where you could lose your head. 

It's only when you do that you appreciate having one more!

Even though Mountain Head tries to steal your head with this song, they eventually give it back!

Here endeth the lesson!

Mountain Head: Amazon | Official Site | Spotify | iTunes | Auteur Research | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

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