Nightshifts, "Breeze"

Nightshifts, "Breeze"

It's been some time since Andrew Oliver aka Nightshifts has released any music. 

A year, in fact. 

But here he sneaks in "Breeze" for his upcoming EP 'Window Weather'.

So it's pretty clear that our boy has been busy!

With Andrew referring to "Breeze" as the first single, it's also glaringly clear that there's at least another single to come before 'Window Weather' comes out. 

But the reason for the one-year gap might also have something to do with the subject matter behind the track. 

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Nightshifts says that he'd been experiencing the same cycle of anxiety over last winter. 

Anxiety can be a motherfucker, where you can't get anything done so you can imagine what a cycle of it will do to you.

Andrew being a mentally and even emotionally healthy person, it came to a point where he realized that he had no control over the things he was anxious about. 

That realization resulted in the great feeling of being liberated, hence, "Breeze".

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