Dart Danger, 'Dark Passenger'

Dart Danger, 'Dark Passenger'

Dart Danger released his debut 'Dark Passenger' album last year via Retro Spectrum Collective. 

Even though there were notifications sent out fairly recently about an Ultra Ltd RED&BLK cassette, they're likely not available by the time you read this.

However, after revisiting the release, we'd like to point to some of our favorite stand out tracks. 

Dark Passenger

We could listen to this one all day without stopping. In fact, to simulate that, we set this thing to repeat. 

It's got the perfect mix of darkness and simplicity to coast on. 

Arcade Dreamer

Being under quarantine takes the fun away from what it's like being in an arcade full of people. 

This one stood out because of how well it recalls the days of sunshine and bright colorful games. It's hopelessly optimistic during these dark days.

Loma Prieta translation: Dark Hill

Rather than fill the album with other titles with the word dark in them, this one is a Spanish translation for Dark Hill. 

Like this one because it again, hits the sweet spot when the artist glides all over with their improvisations on the keys.

Clearly you can go to Retro Spectrum Collective's Dart Danger page to check out this entire album or better yet, get this release to thoroughly enjoy this great piece of retrowave!

Dart Danger: Bandcamp | Facebook 

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