The Wake, 'Perfumes and Fripperies'

The Wake, 'Perfumes and Fripperies'


  • "Hammer Hall"



  • "Christine"
  • "Locomotive Age"




We would say that this is perhaps the darkest sounding song in the entire album.

And for that to be a stated fact (should you accept it), that darkness goes on long enough to drown you out of this mortal coil, should you choose to accept it. 

It expresses the darkness of this entire year that we've all had to endure.

Musically, the structure is complex because of how it submits to its beautiful bleakness so masterfully.

If this were a way to define this year, it's drowning before life can go on. 

We've lost too many and we're fucking angry about it to the point of submission!

"Hammer Hall"

"Hammer Hall" is the perfect hit to take us back to the throws of "Christine" or "Locomotive Age", if only for the beats.

Dark as fuck, still; Troy Payne sounds finer than ever in delivering much-deserved justice to the rest of us.

"Marry Me"

This track gets stronger as we go into the album.

Listen to that guitar and those drums and then the bass... leads to Troy's beautifully dramatic entry.

One of the most memorable parts of this album are the dynamics, and this is the track when they start springing!

Marry us! 

You had us at drums!

Fuck the formalities, take us now!

"Break Me Not"

And this is when the honeymoon starts.

The Wake takes us back to a hardened song structure that smashes through what we consider compelling today.

The reason these guys are legend is present (wait till it becomes compelling... again!)

"Perfumes and Fripperies"

Our favorite thing about this track is when and how Troy takes some of the elements of "Daisy" and adds to the power of this song.

The Wake effortlessly float through this track, showing that they've always held power.

Where the fuck have you guys been!?

"Rusted 20"

The Wake released this new single back in 2014, which was also remixed by the infamous John Fryer.

The update matches up to the sound intended for this new album and it punches hard!

The hooks here are great and relevant! Love the up-to-date JD influence!

"Everything" (feat. Wolfie)

If you don't know Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry then we have every right to grab that thing called your EAR to teach thee that the mentioned "Wolfie" is the guitarist for that band and in this track!

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