Titus Bank "I Give My All" (EP)

Titus Bank

Check out Titus Bank's latest 4-track EP.

Let's go through a breakdown of these singles in the order they were released!

"I Do Yeah"

This song feels abstract in its meaning. 

The words are clear in that sometimes it sounds like he regrets letting go.

Overall, he wants to do rather than think about it, propelling himself forward into being free.

And yet again, he wants to rewind. 

It very much described the back-and-forth we find ourselves in every now and again.

"Hide Me Like You Do" / Dizzy Remix

This track is much clearer when Titus goes through various verses describing periods in his relationship where he was hidden as someone else. 

Clearly the other doesn't feel confident in revealing their relationship which is troubling.

The music captures that vulnerability, that hurt very well.

The Fizzy Remix is also very compelling where the struggle in the relationship is shared. 

Even better is the fact that Titus Bank even went the extra mile, almost literally, to do a separate music video and at night. 

"I Give My All"

The message in this song couldn't be any clearer. 

Titus explains in his Bandcamp bio that he's always writing, always experimenting.

Here he sings about how he gives his all in performing, in writing, and even giving up a job to do so.

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