Turbo Knight, 'Cyborg Remixed'

Turbo Knight, 'Cyborg Remixed'

While you were sleeping, the great Turbo Knight snuck out a new release!

Well, it's not so "new" as the source track came out in 2017, but you can scratch all of that out when you hear how great these new remixes are!

You can stack more on top of that with the names behind these new remixes as well!

Kicking off this release is Antti Huurinainen himself (AKA Turbo Knight) with a 2020 redo of the original!

The "Cyborg" single never sounded better!

Then we get Misanthropix's take on it, making "Cyborg" go harder and darker! 

If you want to support Turbo Knight and our blog at the same time, click on the image below to get his new album and/or sign up for Amazon Prime Music for a free 30-day trial!


Remixes of the same track can grow tired in many cases but, "Cyborg" is such a classic synthwave track that we feel there simply aren't enough remixes of this thing!

Listen to what Denver's own Neuroc does with it!

Definitely one of our faves!

And Goddamn if Turbo Knight isn't finished!

Straight out of Nashville, we have Emmett Brown finishing this set of remixes off in epic fashion!

Here' the original for you to check out!

It's comforting to know that Turbo Knight is there to save the day!

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