Union Duke Give Us the

A yes, Union Duke infect us again with another great single since "Ladidadida" with "123". 

Where their last one almost made one nauseous with how catchy it was, "123" makes sure you stay sick all the way to what might be coming, a new full-length album!

Admit it!

There's no cure for this, man!

Of course, there's always the fact that you can just walk away from these singles but, why would you want to do that?

You'd be like school on the weekends; no class!

Go ahead and get high off of that Taylor Swift swill you've been slogging with reckless abandon while the rest of us submit to the fever-induced alt-folk of Union Duke!

At least with this, we can treat it with whiskey!  

Support us and click on the image below to get the "123" single and/or better yet, sign up for Music Unlimited to add this track and endless others to your Amazon playlist!

Besides, we can relate to the sentiment of this track!

With some much dumbshit going on all around us in the world every day, why would anyone feel like waking up to our daily lives?

We can just imagine ourselves waking up to a day of more endless disappointment, barreling fast towards the apocalypse, nothing but empty silhouettes that we are...

Wait... what's that we see there?

Is that whiskey!

Turn up the twang, grab the folks and that whiskey!

"Gimmie 1-2-3 couple more then another, drink that whiskey til we're blind! We won't have no trouble sleep'n! We'll be drunk so it'll be fine!"

Union Duke: Official Site | Auteur Research | Soundcloud | Spotify | Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

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