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Seraphim System, 'Phoenix'

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Everdune, "Stellar Wanderer" (single)

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These are trying times where we're all getting tested more than ever before. Many who are forced try and stay afloat with the conviction that everybody love everybody. For some of us, it isn't so simple. Then, here comes the prolific synthwave label

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Sample the two singles from the new album here:


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Like many fans of great music out there, we too have been loving the pop skillfully created by the L.A. duo known as Magdalena Bay. 

Today, we were caught a bit off guard by their new album 'A Little Rhythm and a Wicked Feeling', not because we didn

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Synthaholic, 'Holiday Polaroids' (Album)

Already with a number of releases under his belt, and more since this one, Synthaholic drops another full album on unsuspecting listeners like nothing!

Personal favorites are "Don't Forget Me" and "Flying Ferr

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