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There is no doubt that Attorney General Jeff Sessions was fired on Wednesday, as initial reports say that Sessions "resigned" at the President's request. That basically means that President Trump fired him. Check this link to the Washington Post to read the letter, a letter that's undated. With no date on Sessions' letter of resignation, we can safely assume that President Trump has been holding onto it, waiting for the right time. 

According to a report by the Washington Post that White House Chief of Staff John Kelly called Sessions and told him that the President wanted the AG to resign. This account is reportedly coming from an administration official and therefore, further confirmation that the head of the Justice Department (DOJ) was actually fired. 

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It's been suggested that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller would be releasing his report right after the mid-term elections. But it's also been asserted that Mueller was waiting until after the mid-term elections to release his report. 

The fact that Democrats now have more power over the US House of Representatives says that they will soon have the ability to take action against a corrupt president. That fact is the result of Donald Trump firing his attorney general, wasting no time to shut down the Mueller investigation against him. Because now, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein -- who was managing the Mueller investigation -- has handed it over to a DOJ official and now the current acting attorney general Matthew Whitaker. 

Here is one report of Sessions being forced out.

Whitaker wrote an Op-Ed for CNN last year before joining the Justice Department where he argues that Robert Mueller has crossed a line when investigating Donald Trump's finances. In his article, he says that Rosenstein didn't actually give Mueller the authority to go past investigating the Trump administration's ties with Russia over the 2016 presidential election. 

So now, the investigation is in the hands of a Trump loyalist who will no doubt, reign in the investigation. Rather than expecting a report from Mueller that could reveal to us just what he had on Trump, we have his administration already taking action to shut it down. 

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