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Republicans Were 'All About the Benjamin' Long Before Rep. Omar Tweet

There's no doubt about it, Progressives are definitely shaking up our politics today.

Just imagine, progressive politicians paving the way to call out Republicans for allowing themselves to be swayed by Netanyahu's fascist government.

The one politician who is taking on a lot of heat for doing so and criticising Netanyahu's Israel for influencing US politicians is Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN).

All we need to do is to go back to 2015 to see how right she is.

Slate recalls that time when Congressional Republicans invited and had Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu address Congress.


At the time, it was a way for Republicans to openly defy the first black president of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama.

It's important to mention the name Hussein because it's what Republicans, Conservatives and right-wingers frequently liked to target. 

They frequently went after him for being Muslim, which he wasn't, but Republicans used it to strike fear in their white, racist and ignorant base.

Want to dive deeper into studying the Right's Islamophobia? 

Then get this book!

Adversarial Journalist Glenn Greenwald says:

"This book performs a true service for the nation."

In fact, a resolution drafted and passed by the Democratically-led US House that was initially meant to directly target Rep. Omar for her criticism of the Israeli government evolved throughout the week to condemning all bigoted attacks. 

The resolution included the condemnation of anti-Muslim rhetoric. 

Of course, Republicans want to be free to attack Muslims so 23 of them in the House voted against that resolution.

But going back to the Obama era, the image of the Israeli Prime Minister in this article can be seen as the Republican Party's real desire to have a President Netanyahu rather than Obama. 

Embed from Getty Images

And Netanyahu's hatred for Palestinians and Muslims, in general, has been obvious for decades. 

But you can see it all in two hours!

Go to Episode 5 in Season 34 below and watch Netanyahu's War.

You can see the hatred he has for Muslims, more specifically, Palestinians.

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It's all so common now in the age of Trump for Republicans to deny facts.

Their outrage about Rep. Omar's comments against Netanyahu's Israel is largely manufactured to show their support for the Prime Minister who targets all of his critics as anti-Semites and criticism as anti-Semitism. 

Embed from Getty Images

And just like the Israeli Prime Minister who steals land from Palestinians and slaughters them around the clock, voting against a resolution that protects Muslims against hate is a one-sided effort to tip the scale in Republican's favor.

So in fact, years before Rep. Omar made it to the US House, it was very clear that Republicans were "all about the Benjamins." More specifically, Benjamin Netanyahu.

[Featured image by US Government [Public Domain], via Wikimedia Commons]

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