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I had fully intended to dedicate this week’s observations to the exoneration of former East Pittsburgh Police Officer, Michael Rosfeld, who was found not guilty by a jury of his peers after shooting an unarmed black teenager, Antwon Rose II, in the back – on camera – as he attempted to flee a traffic stop. 

But in light of the Witch Hunt Whitewash we’ve just witnessed in Washington, it’s difficult to find much to say about another dead black kid and his “innocent” murderer. The situation seems to be cropping up all the time in modern America. And why wouldn’t it in a “justice system” where the shooter simply has to claim, “I thought I saw a gun,” to get off?

It’s eerily reminiscent of Steve Martin’s blanket defense from his “Let’s Get Small” days: “I forgot. I forgot murder was a crime.” Yet somehow it continues to ring true to one jury after another.

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But the Rosfeld verdict was hardly the worst example of white man’s justice we saw on display last weekend. Cops getting off after shooting black kids have become the norm in racist America.

Psychotic would-be dictators having their crimes whitewashed by Special Prosecutors who failed to even subpoena them for questioning during a two-year investigation are still events that catch your attention.

Those of us who fervently hoped the Mueller investigation would end with a bang, not a whimper, were ill prepared for it to conclude with another corpulent white male Republican denying the right of The People to understand whether or not they have elected a criminal. 

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Does a Barr shit in the woods?

No, he shits on the rights of the people.

And why should we have expected anything else?

For two years we have waited for one group of Republicans to investigate another group of Republicans while the Republicans on Fox News and MSNBC have provided the play-by-play.

The downfall of Trump, at this point, would either lead to the disintegration of the Republican Party or its reduction to the “minor party” status it actually deserves.

And we expected Republicans to do the right thing for the nation?

If not for the Mueller mania, if not for the fact the nation was fooled into believing the Special Prosecutor would do the dirty work for us, the American people would have taken to the streets against the policies of Donald Trump long ago. 

We would have vigorously opposed his family separation policy at the border.

We would have condemned the billions of dollars being wasted on his Taj MaWall.

But we waited for Mueller.

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We waited for justice.

James Comey was quoted as saying he hoped the released of the report would prove the system still works.

What do you think today, Jim? 

Maybe you should go on MSNBC and talk about it with your fellow Republicans.

Is Nicolle Wallace finished fawning over Chris Christie, yet?

Must we remind ourselves, once again, that less than one-in-five eligible voters are registered Republicans? That every important decision since 9/11 has been made by these people – the top two percent and their poor white “useful idiots” who are so pleased to be useful they don’t mind being idiots? That both Parties have fallen out of step with the progressive energy of the nation and the world as they continue to beg for scraps from corporate lobbyists – at least the ones not presently employed in the Trump Administration?

Progressive Americans are the majority – although you’ll never hear that on Fox or MSNBC. It’s time for us to start acting like it.

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