President Trump denied that he ever promised to donate $1 million dollars to a Warren-chosen charity on Monday if the senator proved her Native-American heritage with a DNA test. When asked by a reporter at the White House, he said: "Who cares?" and "I didn't say that. You'd better read it again."  

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Rather than read it, we can actually watch him making that promise. During a rally in Montana in July, Trump said that he would donate to Warren's favorite charity if she were to take a DNA test to prove her Native-American heritage. He wrongly predicted that Warren would likely refuse. 

Sen. Elizabeth Warren released a report this week revealing that she had a Native-American ancestor. The report shows the results of her DNA in an effort to push back against President Trump's attacks on the senator who he often taunts as 'Pocahontas'.

[Featured image screenshot by NBC News / YouTube]

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