Trey Gowdy Goes After Comey for Public Hearing Request

In an interview Sunday morning, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) was asked about former FBI director James Comey's objection of a private hearing request with Congress.

The House Intelligence Committee, which Rep. Gowdy leads has reportedly subpoenaed Comey for another hearing, the first since after he was fired by the Trump administration early last year.

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Comey is objecting to the congressional hearing being private, saying that it needs to be held in public in order to make sure there are no selective leaks made by politicians.

At the beginning of the interview, Rep. Gowdy agreed with Comey's view before flipping the script on the CBS anchor, saying that the way to prevent leaks was through a private hearing.

More specifically, Gowdy suggested that the private hearing is recorded for public viewing, saying that everyone in the hearing would grandstand before a live camera.

Here is that interview.

[Featured image via Face The Nation/YouTube]

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