Enemies of the People: Charlie Kirk

 So, Charlie Kirk recently encouraged his Twitter followers to leave negative reviews against Red Hen. Here is that tweet.

The tweet thread is a good spot to build a list of other enemies of the people, some who may have even made the effort to go pay the restaurant an unwelcomed visit. Charlie Kirk claimed that this backlash was the market at work. But not without his influence.

Clearly, Charlie Kirk is wrong about Red Hen accepting the consequences. His and the double-standard set by Conservatives who applauded cake shop owners and photographers who refused to serve same-sex couples also helped created the fraudulent excuse that those owners were protecting their religious beliefs.

Theirs are "religious beliefs" that are fraudulently designed to deny equal services to people because of their sexual preference, an unnecessary effort to veil their personal animus against same-sex couples behind fictional restraints.

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