Trump Can Thank Iran Now

Trump has been hellbent on going after Iran since he started campaigning for the White House. 

Pulling the US out of the JCPOA deal has made the relationship between the US and Iran even more contentious than ever. 

Iranian leadership certainly understands that Trump doesn't represent the US and so, they're just going after him.

But now, with a multiple drone attack on Aramco oil stations in Saudi Arabia? it's gotten worse... but this time for US citizens.

The Trump administration might want to thank, rather than blame Iran for the attack, for which Houthi rebels quickly took credit. 

It's now being reported that the attack has disrupted half of Saudi Arabia's oil production which is already estimated to hit us here in the states. 

Naturally, this gives Trump the ability to take drastic, authoritarian measures.

He took to Twitter with the following:

Conservative organizations like ALEC and their fossil fuel allies have already successfully lobbied to criminalize oil-pipeline protesters and now, those protesters who have successfully delayed many of those projects will be overwhelmed by Trump-emboldened approvals and the companies behind them. 

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[Featured image screenshot from Who launched the drone attack against Saudi oil facilities? via Skynews / YouTube]

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