At one point in August when President Trump trolled his critics, he attacked them (or rather all of us) over our focus on Russia (who he colluded with) because they are a clear and present danger to our country.

In his tweet, he referred to all of us as "fools" for not looking at China as a bigger rival claiming we were too distracted by the news reports about Russia.

Just like anything he tweets, says and does, there's no real substance here. But, it reveals another right-wing habit of creating a 'reality' from which right-wingers can source their own argument for their attacks against the rest of us.

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Trump based his tweet off of the assumption that his critics are too simple-minded to see past the flood of news stories about the threat on our electoral system from Russia and his involvement.

Based off of his assessment, it also projects the limits of Trump's own focus. It appears that in fact, he's revealing that he's troubled by the stories about his ties to Russia who helped him steal the election and is attempting to redirect the public's focus to another rival, who he's pissing off right now.  

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The Mueller Report is already a historic document with implications we have not yet fully realized.

Even with redactions--which is all we have at this point, thanks to the "Coverup-General" William Barr--it's pretty damning.

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Trump's personal attorney general has gone one step further in his loyalty to the president by appointing a prosecutor to investigate those involved in the investigation on Donald Trump.

Attorney General William Barr appointed a U.S. attorney in Connecticut, John Durham.

The appointment follows a hearing before Congress where Barr said that he believes "spying did…

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