Trump Quarantine Lockdown Has Little To Do With Coronavirus

As we know, President Trump briefly suggested a quarantine of the New York City area on Saturday.

With this administration, it's unsure what caused him to backtrack.

We can only assume (since we're supposed to believe) that it was due to the pushback he received from Gov. Cuomo and others.

Trump's Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin claimed on Sunday that was because of the "unanimous decision... recommendation" from the virus task force that he is also a member of.

Politico wrote that the same task force "shunned" at the idea of a quarantine lockdown, which is only true if the task force includes the New York governor's aggressive response to the idea, otherwise it's just a catchy headline.

The wording that Mnuchin used was that "it was a unanimous decision... recommendation of the task force to go forward with the advisory." (check this interview with Chris Wallace.)

At the most, Trump has issued a "strong" travel advisory for the region which reportedly has the support of Governors Cuomo (New York), Phil Murphy (New Jersey) and Ned Lamont (Connecticut), all Democrats, the opposition political party that Trump frequently attacks.

Nevertheless, since when has Trump ever listened to the unanimous decision, much less, a recommendation from anyone else?

He's fired plenty of aides when they've defied him and we're supposed to believe that his task force convinced him to change his mind?

Instead, this is now the perfect opportunity for Trump to gain major leverage against his enemies nationwide with a power grab via quarantine lockdown. 

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