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Despite domestic terrorism increasing in America, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has dissolved the Office of Intelligence and Analysis (I&A), the group charged with studying and compiling data on homegrown violent extremists and domestic t

I honestly intended to write about something this week besides Donald Trump. 

For example, we have a wonderfully interesting Lieutenant Governor in Pennsylvania named John Fetterman who looks more like a biker than a politician. 

But when


There is no doubt that Attorney General Jeff Sessions was fired on Wednesday, as initial reports say that Sessions "resigned" at the President's request. That basically means that President Trump fired him. Check this link to the Washington Post to

Trump's Year of Voter Fraud

As of this writing, the race for the White House has tightened-up between Biden and Trump.

While it might not make a difference to some that thousands of ballots have been lost against the millions of put in, we've already seen a great surge of voter suppression, voter intimidation, and ballot tampering during this election year alone.

Thanks to President Trump encouraging his loyal supporters to sabotage the democratic process, we've had the theft of …

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Hope The Worst For Michael Caputo

Michael Caputo is apparently taking a 60-day leave of absense from his position as the Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services for Public Affairs.

In recent news, Caputo posted a incendiary video instigating violence with Trump supporters against his critics during the inauguration.

While it's asserted that that might have something to do…

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The Mueller Report is already a historic document with implications we have not yet fully realized.

Even with redactions--which is all we have at this point, thanks to the "Coverup-General" William Barr--it's pretty damning.

It lays out in lucid precision the myriad ways…

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