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Obviously, President Trump will know within moments of talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un whether he is serious about holding talks. As the person on other side of the table involved in the presumed talks, why wouldn't he? Trump said the following to the press as he was leaving the G-7 summit in Canada.

"I think I'll know pretty quickly whether or not, in my opinion, something positive will happen. And if I think it won't happen, I'm not going to waste my time. I don't want to waste his time."

President Trump's Opinion, Positivity and Wasting Everyone's Time

In his opinion, huh? So, him knowing whether Kim Jong Un is serious at the last minute won't be based in fact? And let's also acknowledge the "fact" that facts isn't something Trump handles well if he even deals with facts at all. We already know that he only deals with his own facts.

And when he refers to "something positive," he's obviously referring to the accomplishment of holding talks as well as convincing North Korea to denuclearize. Both of these things are positive and yet questionable. At the time that he made his statement, it was days before the summit was supposed to happen and there were still no signs or a sense that they would. It was reported on Sunday that Kim Jong Un arrived in Singapore

But in his statement when President Trump also refers to "something positive," he's made it clear time and time again that even a negative outcome would be "positive" for the administration. We've heard him say this about practically every deal that he's killed, saying that, "he'd like to make a better deal but if not, then that would be fine too." He's done this with the Paris Climate Accord and the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action otherwise known as the Iran Nuclear Deal.

He did this when he referred to trade talks around the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) on Saturday saying

"If a deal isn't made, that would be a very bad thing for Canada and it would be a very bad thing for Mexico. For the United States, frankly, it would be a good thing. But, I'm not looking to do that. I'm not looking to play that game."

He's taking the same position here with the summit talks with North Korea. Trump has already implied that taking military action or conducting a nuclear strike on the Democratic People's Republic of Korea would be preferred if he doesn't get his way. With someone as corrupt and incendiary as Trump, there's no reason to believe that he wouldn't genuinely see the destruction in the region as "something positive."

And yes "Mr. President," let's talk about wasting time, more specifically, our time?

I expect that in a few days my assessment on these talks will be destroyed. One of them already has as I was pretty certain that: 

  1. These talks aren't going to happen and, 
  2. Even if they did, there isn't going to be an agreement to denuclearize. 

With Kim Jong Un's arrival, it looks like the talks are certain. 

At best, President Trump will be able to sit across from Kim Jong Un for a Photo Op. That alone would be historic and not a waste of time for President Trump. 

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