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I may have mentioned in prior posts that I was raised to be a Conservative Republican Evangelical.  (I can only imagine how disappointed my progenitors would have been if they’d lived long enough to see how I turned out.)  I know how to talk to these people.  While I fully understand one doesn’t encounter many of them on sites like this, I offer my comments with Evangelical translations, nevertheless, with the hope The Lord will guide someone to these words and he will open the eyes of others.  Let us begin… 

The systematic controlled erosion of American Democracy undertaken by a foreign adversary, the Russian government of Vladimir Putin, was born from a deep understanding of the depth of American racism among the least educated members of our society.  They didn’t randomly choose members of the NRA and the Evangelical Church as the victims of their assault.  They knew where to find the racists.  And they understood the “whiteness” of the purposefully ignorant was far more important to them than their national heritage.  They also recognized the Republican Party had maintained power for forty years by appealing to the most xenophobic instincts of the American working class. 

The Lord made all of us, not just the white people. I wasn’t sure so I checked on Billy Graham’s page and it’s true.

“Racial prejudice is a sin in the eyes of God,” 

it says.

“And the Bible should never be used to defend it. God created the whole human race and Jesus Christ died to redeem people from every race.” 

So, I guess that’s settled. Living in a country ruled by a black man, as you did for eight years, can be tough for people who believe they are superior to him in the eyes of The Lord because “blackness” is a curse placed upon a grandson of Noah for his sexual perversions.  (Billy Graham says it didn’t happen like that. He didn’t make the offspring of Ham black.  He just made them slaves. Whew, that was a close one.) 

But we have to remember God made Obama, too. Like everything, He did it for a reason. And we have to remember America is His favorite country – I know ‘cause there’s lots of songs about it – and it took Him almost 6000 years after the original creation to make a country just like He wanted it. God didn’t like Russia much during the Cold War. It’s hard to believe He’d want them to mess up His favorite country just because they elected a black man when He made the black man, too.

I know what you’re thinking. “If we elect allow someone to lead just because The Lord made him, too, we might as well elect a dog as our President. Or Rick Santorum.”  I guess if you’ve already eliminated intelligence as a requirement for leadership, as you obviously have, you might as well. At least it wouldn’t be Putin’s dog. 

            Traces of the efforts to impress and influence the Evangelical community remain on Internet sites, including a 2010 blog entitled “Why the West Fears Putin,” which includes the following assertion: “Putin has real world power which cause the liberal media to fearfully ignore or warp his image. Like a Good Christian King, he leads a nation to Christ…The liberals don’t want Russian’s Christianity to spread and re-Christianize Europe.  Liberals, like most Democrats in America, would hate Russia if they inspired and renewed Christians throughout the world.”  And arguments based on faulty reasoning like this one sound profoundly reasonable to undereducated voters who have been victimized with the same approach by American Republicans for forty years.  (After all, why can’t someone who steals power and murders his political adversaries be called a “Good Christian King?”  Sounds spot on to me.)  The conclusion that must logically be drawn is not necessarily that the Republican Party has been conspiring with the Russians for nearly a decade to maintain its grip on power.  But one cannot avoid concluding both groups of power-hungry usurpers are attempting to appeal to the same constituency. 

            If your loyalty to a white Russian ever exceeded the loyalty you felt toward to a black American democratically elected as your President – and your name isn’t “Lebowski” – you might be a racist.  If you believe Vladimir Putin is the modern personification of a “Good Christian King,” you might as well get yourself a sign that says, “Exploit me.  I’m too uninformed to know better.”  Surely you understand not all white men are holy.  Remember Michael Moore? 

            Consciously or not, the Republican agenda emphasizing blind nationalism and “traditional values” over public education and informed opinion has created an entire generation of Americans whose underdeveloped minds could be twisted to the point where they developed fawning respect for a Russian dictator and desired nothing more than to have one of their own. 

            You may worship dictators and still call yourself a Christian.  But please refrain from calling yourself an American in the presence of those of us who still worship Democracy.

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