The McLaughlin Group In The Trump Era

I just learned today that The McLaughlin Group has been back since the beginning of the year and have been airing episodes each week. I followed the show frequently, along with other PBS pushed news programs in order to remain informed and felt a loss when it appeared to die with its host, John McLaughlin. 

Our local PBS affiliate has clearly stuck to the traditions of both, not keeping viewers updated on programs that their viewers have counted on for years as well as bogging down the process with contract bullshit and with it, not giving viewers any updates on that process either. 

For the time being, it appears that The McLaughlin Group is sticking with one ABC affiliate for broadcasting in Washinton, D.C. and reserving the program for online viewing using their YouTube account from their official site.

Here's the first episode of the Trump era, as the show ended when Barack Obama was still president where Eleanor Clift pointed out that Pat Buchanan was Trump before Trump was. 

 [Image credit: The McLaughlin Group/YouTube]

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