Trump Hypocritically Accuses FDA of Politics Over Coronavirus Vaccine

In an article by the NYTimes, the first mistake is made in saying that Dr. Anthony S. Fauci and three other top U.S. health officials are steering the government's virus response.

We all know however that this is simply not the case. It's the orange fuck in the White House who is steering the response and right off the fucking cliff.

The view from those "top" health officials is that they would take a vaccine approved by the (Federal Drug Administration) F.D.A. But Trump is now saying that he "may or may not" sign off on a stricter F.D.A. plan to have outside experts weigh in before it approves the any vaccine.

In fact, Trump added that the F.D.A's plan "sounds like a political move". With Trump attempting to sabotage the process, we know that in fact he is the one who is inserting politics into the process in time for the election.

We know this already because he has specifically said that his administration would have a vaccine ready right before election day which in itself, is blatant politics against the actual science.

Here is the video where this fucking idiot says he says he will fuck with the F.D.A. guidlines. Also, be sure to back it up to the very beginning so you can watch him lie his way through this press conference about this vaccine.

[Featured image "Live: Trump Holds News Conference At White House | NBC News" via NBC News / YouTube]

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