Formal VLOG Announcement!

Formal VLOG Announcement!

Hello, everyone!

Where to start? I guess we can start from the beginning when I started this site. 

I was even more in the dark about where I wanted it to go than I am now and in a way, I still am.

The only way to find out what that is is to just do it and see where things go. 

Now is as good a time as any to do that, where a lot of the features here have been tweaked. 

And so, I'm announcing here that I'm starting a VLOG where I document my day-to-day for you to see.  

I hope that in the process, we can engage with each other and make good use of this site and its services. 

Even though I'm in the dark about this site, I always get affirmation all the time of the main reason for why I started this site. 

The reason is to find an alternative to the other services out there. 

It started with Facebook, then YouTube and Twitch followed. 

As a result, more resources are being used to get those features on this site as well. 

It's preferable that you comment on this video within the network here but you can still comment on YouTube. 

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