From The Beginning


It was February 2018 when I started building this site. It began as many sites services like this do, with my frustration over Facebook. An updated version of that would be, frustrated with mainstream social networking services in general. 

I was already blogging on WordPress, podcasting on various platforms, and very much involved in organizing events and other things offline. 

All of those things were put into motion by interests in media and my interests in general such as cinema, politics, music, etc. 

This project got caught up in that energy as well. 

Naturally, over time, this idea has gotten bigger. 

Zoe Dune is basically, a social platform where I can share all of my ideas and interests in one place. 

If you would like to support such an endeavor, subscribe for a free trial period and get to know the site and in the process, get to know me!

I know that's a bit dry but, the site speaks for itself!

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