A Wendy's Closed Down and It's About Time!

A Wendy's Closed Down and It's About Time!


The corner of Spring Valley Rd and Sherman St is seeing some drastic changes. 

Some years ago, I was told by an employee at Sara's Market & Bakery several stores away that they would be opening a restaurant next door which turned out to be the Jasmine Market & Cafe

Over the last year, the long-abandoned Bold Sales Solutions building at the intersection has been demolished and in March of this year, the CVS store across the street just closed.

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If these recent closings were being done by a laser beam, they would finally have corrected their aim by taking out that eyesore, Wendy's, at that same intersection. 

Many Wendy's burger restaurants have long been upgraded which means that some of them might have fallen through the cracks. 

Wendy's (Southington, Connecticut)

One reason is likely because they've underperformed and I've personally had problems with that place since I first entered.

The staff didn't seem to want to be there. The manager was an older woman who seemed very tired and not never in the best mood which was very fitting for a place that needed a major upgrade.

This would eventually lead to a hostile customer environment where I got into a cussing match with some aggro jeep-driving woman who stormed out, then pointed at me as she drove by as if to say that she would not forget me.

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Naturally, the pandemic made things worse. The morning opening hours seemed to change on a regular basis making breakfast harder to come by if you wanted it there but then again, there's a 24-hour Waffle House right across the street just screaming breakfast. They might be as old if not older than this Wendy's but they're tons friendlier.

The one thing that this Wendy's location has going for it is that it's a past relic until it too becomes rubble.

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