Costanza, 'I Want To Die In New York'

Costanza, 'I Want To Die In New York'

Vaporwave and the comedy series Seinfeld is the perfect bundle of nostalgia. All have memorable characters, but who could ever forget about George? In fact, you fuse the two together and you get Seinwave. Chicago-based Costanza is back with a new release, I Want To Die In New York. This entire approach to this project from this artist is already hilarious. For some reason, it makes me laugh that the cover art seems to be a dig at the 2018 release, I Want To Die In New Orleans by $uicideboy$. Here is the cover art for that album to compare. 

I Want To Die In New Orleans by $uicideboy$ (Cover Art)


I Want To Die In New York by Costanza (Cover Art)


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Check Out Costanza's 'I Want To Die In New York'

Highlights for me are "Blew It", which starts off with what might be Seinfeld saying: 

This young comedian wrote this introduction to me. He wrote, "You guys said if you still had your TV show, you would have used me, but no. You went and blew the whole thing and got your ass thrown off the air."

Take note of the bass lines going through these tracks as in "Lies", as with many of the Costanza releases, much like the bass lines from the sitcom. This is why vaporwave is such a good choice for this project. "New Way Out" has some of that G-funk to it. Lots of fun in just eight minutes! 

While this release is available to download for free, Constanza asks, Like it: $1, Love it: $3. Just click on the download link on the sample above. Also, follow his LinkTree.  

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