Experimental Music Pioneer Chris Ianuzzi,

 Experimental music pioneer, Chris Ianuzzi was there from the beginning. Ianuzzi's bio refers to the time when he performed with an ARP 2600:

Highlights from his formal music training include a performance for the American Society for University Composers (in which he played a piano using a chisel, rubber wedge and an ARP 2600).

This analog synthesizer is a product of the early 70s that brought in the early era of electronic music. Chris Ianuzzi was there for it all. Much like the first computers, users were able to program or in this case, manipulate hardware to create their sounds. Aside from the Moog, this would take Ianuzzi on a wild journey through electronica. This artist has always embraced new technologies just like he does here with his latest "Edge of the Earth" single and music videos. 

Steve Fisk's ARP 2600

Experimental Music Pioneers To The "Edge of the Earth" with AI

When I think about the Earth, I think about the fact that all of us live on it. We are all in space isolated on this blue marble. Going to the edge of the Earth isn't even a thing unless you're one of those flat-Earth psychos. I would only meet those goofs halfway to offer that I would consider a global apocalypse to be the "edge" when we would all fall off it together.

Okay. Any place you would get to Space would actually be Earth's edge too but I'm floundering here. Why don't I just let Ianuzzi's experimental music video do the heavy lifting for us?

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AI-generated content is all the rage right now and especially AI-generated videos. We enter the Earth's atmosphere at the beginning of the video and into this blend of otherworldly sounds with mountainous landscapes turning into mixing boards, consoles, and screens. This is definitely what Ianuzzi's studio looks like as he is a master audiophile. We'll see these transitions throughout where lamps become trees and pyramids turn into trailers. 

It's about 0.42 seconds in when the sounds blend into cohesive dance beats and Chris's reverberating echos as he makes references to Hercules or that he'll meet you on the other side. It's the scenes of well-dressed people dancing in various open spaces that are emotionally moving. Scenes of people in general around shifting infrastructures of the past, present, and future refines the fact that we're all here together making things happen one way or the other. 

This video also shows how AI is harnessed as a tool. It's not just about pushing a button and letting the AI do all of the work. It does do a lot but we've also seen examples of when it wanders away from the initial idea and has to be pulled back. We should also give credit for these videos to Turkish artists of the avant-garde who worked with Ianuzzi on these, Serkan and İlke. who also worked on "Lonesome Highway Superstar, and the alternate version.

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My Interview with Chris Ianuzzi

Allmusic credits Ianuzzi as being the composer for Sluka's Solo Flight album. Ianuzzi, however, corrects this, saying that he was actually part of the band and wrote some of the material in Fear of Ordinary Life and Emotional Battlefield. His background also includes working with Vangelis and Peter Baumann but, the stand out for me is that he started out learning from experimental electronics master Suzanne Ciani.

In fact, I remember going down a "rabbit hole" on the internet via searches for Bebe Barron and Wendy Carlos where I learned about Ciani from her David Letterman appearance. 

Chris Ianuzzi mentions his involvement with that appearance in the interview you'll find at the bottom of this article. Since then, he's been involved in plenty of other projects and earned plenty of awards for his solo work which is available on Bandcamp



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