The 'Rumors In The Night' Are That Prizm Is Taking On Fleetwood Mac!

Sure, you love Fleetwood Mac, but how many releases have you heard that do good covers of Fleetwood Mac songs? I challenge you to tell us in the comments, but I also challenge you to put Prizm's versions in the ring against the contenders! Yes, this is a fight, as I believe in this Dallas-based duo!

Prizm, 'Rumors In The Night' (Review)


I love that they fire off this album with a cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams". Their arrangement doesn't differentiate much from the original than that it's dancier, and it really spotlights their synths. Of course, this cover needs to be done in order to show that they can do the vocals. Listening to this, I realize, laughing, that their album cover is a tribute to Fleetwood Mac's, Rumors album. Now as I look at the track list; they're doing the entire album! 

It's only by the titles that I recognize the hits off of the Rumors album. The music, not so much, but that's the Prizm is doing their versions of these songs. Isn't it that growing up as kids during this period that we only knew the hits? "Go Your Own Way" sounds like this. Of course, you want to capture as much of the original "Landslide" as you can, and they pace that one out. 

The reason this album is so great is that it's full of Fleetwood Mac hits. "Everywhere" is another that they nail, perfectly. We already know that Krisluv and Danni are capable of singing these songs. It's the synth wave element that astounds. 

"Don't Stop" just, doesn't stop! Add it to the ones that normally fill a dancehall. It's never been my favorite, but again, it's among the hits so the take on it is bold, but it's also easy to pull off. Glad they're the ones who did it. 

Before this, and for a number of years, Kid Swim's cover of "Little Lies" is the best it could get, and it's still my go-to. This has always been the song I've dreamt with. I've stared out into the night's of my backyard when I was a kid with this song in my head, never asking who it was from or to even know to ask. They really take their time to build this one out, away from the original, but it picks up at the bridge and wow, it's worth waiting for! Rather than 4/4 beat, it's 2/4 in the end. 

After this, they repeat the tracks with a dark version of "Dreams", and the thing that I always want from indie artists, is instrumentals. Of course, we have them here, where you might be able to use them for karaoke? Even the dark version of "Dreams" has an instrumental here. I have to add that these instrumentals also kill!


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