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The psychedelic trance music that Marc-E makes is its own experience. Marc Johns AKA Marc-E has been on a journey to eearn this experience. He started his musical training for eight years with the Calgary Boys Choir before venturing out on his own. His transition into the psybient trance music started when, during an LSD trip, he played a djembe surrounded by forest. This is how people end up trapped in drum circles, folks, which could be good or bad. But Marc-E turned out to be one of those couldn't be trapped and went on to experiment with other instruments before writing and releasing his first album, Here Again. That album is at this point hard to get, although you can hear some material off of it on YouTube. His first release would overall be a more traditional acoustic and vocal experiment before venturing off into heavier sound designs.  Here's a video for one track that might be the earliest point when he started his journey with audio. 

"After that I began exploring the production of electronic music. I was hugely influenced and inspired by Shpongle and Entheogenic. I felt I had finally found my genre. I wanted to create massive bass drops with slow psychedelic rhythms, synths and guitars. I am always trying to push the boundary of genre with all the music I have done, this project being no exception. The music I am releasing now is exactly what I dreamed of creating many years ago. I look forward to many more releases and a lifetime of live performance." - Psybient

Since then, Marc-E has become a major player in the psybient community, DJing at the Future Forest festival and watching a lot of movies with his girlfriend! His latest single, however, shows how he's pushing the limits in order to get to what he dreamed he would achieve at this point. 

The Psychedelic Trance of Deep Bass In "Before The Thought"


I've led on a few times before that I used to listen to New Age music back in the day. I went to see The Medicine Man in the theater and fell in love with the soundtrack. One of the most memorable moments in return of the Jedi took place on Endor. I grew up on Ridley Scott's Legend. What I'm saying is that I really want to live in the forest. Being that I'm deep in the heart of Texas, the forest isn't any closer a prospect than it was decades ago, but Marc-E's music is the next best thing to being there.

There's also the meditative state of music that I grew up on such as The Orb, Future Sound of London, Autechre, a state that Marc-E also partakes in. It's both places that 2017's Sub EK took me to. If "Totem" was the forest, "Nataraja" is the moment of transcendence. I cannot enjoy Marc-E's work without having some love for the world music genre. I mean, Deep Forest anyone? Thus far, from what I've heard, Marc's sound design is impressive and also necessary in order for the "travel" to be convincing. We've come a long way from Lex Baxter or Martin Denny's jet-setting us to exotic places. 

Marc-E continues to take us to other worlds with his latest "Before The Thought" single, where he says that the goal was to get our subwoofers to rumble. The psychedelic growl of that sub-bass, when the track starts, he definitely achieved that goal. When the keyboards trickle in, it gets a little eerie, like the way you feel before you start to trip. Unsettling at first, but it soothes and caresses you into submission. We're dealing with a master sound designer here, who can easily make yours a good or bad trip. With all of his releases thus far, it's clear that he's not going to steer us wrong. Just make sure you give this, along with his other releases, the headphone test and let Marc-E's product take you places, and you'll find they'll be places you'll actually want to go.

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