Songs For The Bedroom In J'Moris' Latest Singles (Review & Interview)
  • The Singles: a brief breakdown of each of these songs for the bedroom.
  • Final thoughts on the review and what we've got to look forward to.
  • Interview with J'Moris: Check out my interview with this artist to see what drives this Texas rapper.

These singles were originally released on June 23rd. This post has been updated with an interview with J'Moris that took place on the 4th of August. 

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These Songs For The Bedroom Might Make You Sweat

"In The Room"

There's some action going on in this room. 

To put it plainly, this room is off-limits to everyone but he and his lady. 

I expect explicit sex in my hip hop and that's what we get.

A pretty straightforward track about "thug'n" in the room.

At least he's not "tugging" in the room, KnowWhatI'mSayin?12187496676?profile=RESIZE_710x

"La La La"

I love how this one starts off, with the bass boom, boom, booming. 

Another single about getting someone off, a less-than humble brag about being a backup one-night stand.

Being number two for the woman who just isn't getting the satisfaction she wants or in this case, needs from "number one", kind of makes J'Moris number one in this case. 

Being a visual guy, the cover art for this fits this track where it's seductive, sexy music to backdrop an after-hours recreation. 


"She Knows"

Three tracks in and we keep the hot sensuality of these songs going with "she likes the way I stretch it" or making her "wet" isn't alluding to taking a cold shower. 

That's what I have to do now after listening to these.

This has to be the more laid-back (literally, if you get my meaning) of the tracks. 

It's handled with well-crafted minimalism. 

Let us know in the comment section if these tracks make it to your bedroom music playlist.

Of course, it doesn't say there when we finally get to the closer.


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"Back In"

J'Moris knows how to make an entrance.

The release of these four singles are not bundled as an EP so these are free to play in any order but, "Back In" seems the appropriate way to start. 

"Back In" to me is J'Moris getting back into the studio and this time a collaboration with Backend Youngin, Crunch, and DB. 

The messaging here is motivational.

J'Moris speaks more about this in our interview at the end of this article.

It's clear when you reflect on where you might have been, unable to pay the bills, being in a bad spot.

With all of us going through the motions, feeling trapped in our situation and just surviving can be overwhelming.

At the same time, repeating the process can eventually get us to a better place.

All of our collaborators here share their experiences of growth and inspired start to these four tracks. 


 These singles are hot for a different reason. Check out the first of his releases this year for the Summer.


Final Thoughts On The Review

What a surprise that we got these following his "Summa This" and "Summertime Love" singles, just months apart. 

J'Moris goes into more detail about the decision to write and release these but it also keeps J'Moris going as a prolific artist who always has a place to draw new ideas from. 

The production is always great, and the stories he tells will put you in the same room with him which in this case might force you to commit voyeurism whether you like it or not. 

To drive a comparison against last year's Moris Better: Loveless Confessions album, we see J'Moris playing the part of the ladies man again, but being a little bit more explicit. 

At least with that album, we have more tracks to cover that spectrum of sensuality. 

The real deal about these tracks, however, is the fact that this is a cushion for what's to come in November when we're expecting another full-length release. 

Something more revealing than we've heard J'Moris do.

Interview With J'Moris About The 4-singles, Inspiration, and Art

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