Summertime Music: Catching Fire With J'Moris' Singles

Summertime Music: Catching Fire With J'Moris' Singles

Sure, you've got your Summertime music covered for your playlist this season.

If you're open-minded enough, you'll accept two of my recommendations.

The latest from J'Moris, 'Summa This' track, and the sun-drenched b-side "Summertime Love", two tracks you can crank when you want to kick back with a pina colada as everything around you burst into flames. 

J'Moris is a proud Texas artist who knows what this heat here is like, which leaves me to ask, is this kind of weather you want to set music to while people run from shade to shade like vampires trying not to explode into fireballs?


For Your Summertime Music Playlist: J'Moris' "Summa This" Ignites

The last time I featured J'Moris was in an episode of my music podcast going back to 2021's "Special", which has some unique additions with piccolos or primitive reed sounds around a driving hip-hop beat. 

The impression I got then and even more so now is the strength of this local talent.

We talk a bit about the idea behind this track in the interview at the end of this article. 

The lyrics to "Summa This" are not quite seasonal as the b-side but speaks to J'Moris' swagger, showing up on the scene, talking about the confidence one has to overpowering struggle with, "gimmie summa this, gimmie summa that" like helping himself to a buffet of goodies. 

That's the way you show up!

Add "Summertime Love" To Your Summertime Music Playlist

One of my seasonal Summertime songs used to be Will Smith's until he publically assaulted Chris Rock.

There wasn't much of a gap there because there is plenty of older and newer tracks to take its place.

This is the year that J'Moris gets added to that Summertime music playlist. 


"Summertime Love" is also more my flavor between the two tracks because I like to see this release as something that would come out on vinyl as a B-side which is a format I'm an advocate for. 

I mean, the way this track hits is like too many margaritas at the party and not enough water.

You're in a period of bliss to the point where it's dangerous.

It's like the heat exhaustion you don't notice yet.

This track is dangerous, ya'll!

Despite this killer record-breaking 100 plus degree heatwave that we're having the endure worldwide, these tracks are chill enough to enjoy.

They earn their place on the best summertime music playlists for sure!

And Now...

...Check out this brief interview about this release and other Courvoisier / Four Loko-infused topics!

It's Summertime!

Spotify is fine and all being that this release is no on Bandcamp, Amazon is the best way to own these tracks!
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